Our family of four arrived in Panajachel in 2000 from California, with the intention to start a coffee shop. We rented a space in the old part of town where Crossroads Cafe opened in December 2000, while living in the apartment directly upstairs. A year later we bought a property from one of the coffee farmers who supplied us with green coffee. It was an end section of his farm that runs up the river valley outside town.

We started building a perimeter wall and paving an entrance in 2002. Foundations for the house began to be dug in 2007, and with patience and lots of sweat, this beautiful stone building rose from the mountain side over the next five years. We were really blessed with skilled and trustworthy builders and tradesmen, as well as many talented friends who helped and advised on various finishing details.

The quiet and peacefulness of this place have been enjoyed and shared with friends from the beginning (even camping here long before the building was finished.) Creating a space for recuperation, restoration, retreat and rest has been our vision, and we see it realized time and again as folks spend time here.

At this stage in our lives we are ready to start a different adventure that is closer to family, which is why we are putting this home on the market. We believe it is an ideal setting for retreats, bed and breakfast business, special focus travel accommodation (eg bird watching, motorbike or mountain bike tours, hiking expeditions, writers retreat), or boutique wedding venue. The land has definite potential and space for the addition of several small cottages or bungalows to expand these options.